First record of Basilia mediterranea Hůrka, 1970 from Italy (Diptera: Nycteribiidae)

Abstract. The presence of Basilia mediterranea Hůrka, 1970, species with Western Mediterranean distribution, is reported for the first time from Italy. Two specimens, a male and a female, were collected from two bats belonging to the species Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774 captured with mist nets during a research on bats of Montecristo and Capraia islands (Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Central Italy).

Tre nuove specie vietnamite di Phoridae con descrizione di un nuovo genere (Diptera)

Riassunto. Vengono descritte tre nuove specie di Foridi reperite in Vietnam: Dohrniphora laocaii n. sp., Zygtaxphora vietnamita n. sp.e Vuvanlienia parva n. sp., quest’ultima specie tipo del nuovo genere.

Abstract. Three new vietnamese species of Phoridae with description of a new genus (Diptera). Three new species of Phorids from Vietnam are described: Dohrniphora laocaii n. sp., Zygtaxphora vietnamita n. sp. and Vuvanlienia parva n. sp., the latter as type species of the new genus.
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